[Cosmic-Explorations] Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society Meeting this Friday - ONLINE

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Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society Meeting - ONLINE

The July meeting of the JSCAS will be held ONLINE, this Friday, July 10th at 7:30 pm, on YouTube.  (See below.)  This month's speaker is Bill Spizzirri, who will discuss "Meteors and Meteorites".  He has belonged to several astronomy clubs for 42 years and served in various offices including president of an astronomy club in Chicago.  His favorite astronomy activity is teaching children and the general public about the night sky.  Join us on Friday for what will be a fun and engaging talk for all ages about all things "shooting stars".  Tune in and join us!

The meeting can be accessed by going to the JSCAS YouTube Channel at the link:  https://bit.ly/3gTpqvU
To submit questions for our presenters during the meeting, please either enter your questions as a YouTube comment (if you have an account that will allow doing so) or send your questions to:  jscaslive at gmail.com<mailto:jscaslive at gmail.com>
Also, the JSCAS YouTube Channel link will be posted on the JSCAS web page:  http://www.jscas.net

Here is the meeting agenda:
Welcome - Doug Holland, club President
Meteors and Meteorites - Bill Spizzirri
DIY Astronomy - Automated Imaging Results - Chris Wells, club VP
Member's Minute - How Do You Say That? - Doug Holland
Star Party News - David Haviland

JSCAS is open to anyone who wants to learn about astronomy and membership is FREE!  (It's the best offer money can't buy!)  After joining, you'll have access to our amazing Astronomy DVD Library with 100's of choices to learn from (from Astronomy Magazine, NASA, The Great Courses, Discovery Channel, etc.).  Our meetings are held on the 2nd Friday of each month at 7:30 pm in the lecture hall of The Lunar & Planetary Institute. (3600 Bay Area Blvd. at Middlebrook Dr., aka USRA Bldg.)  For more info, see our website at jscas.net

Note to all those who have borrowed DVDs from the JSCAS Media Library: Please hold your borrowed DVDs until the next meeting at the Lunar & Planetary Institute.
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