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Thu Jan 7 07:40:18 CST 2021

Greetings JSCAS Members -
        We will be having our January meeting this Friday, 1/8, at 7:30 online on the JSCAS YouTube channel which can be accessed at this link:


Here is the agenda for this month's meeting:

êUpdate: C.L.E.V.E.R. Planets Project - Dr. Andrea Isella, Rice University
êMember's Minute - Conjunction Images - Chris Wells & Treavor Quinn
êMember's Minute - M1 Project - Doug Holland
êStar Party News - David Haviland

Our Main Presentation

Dr. Andrea Isella of Rice University will present a talk "C.L.E.V.E.R Planets Project, an Update".

You can learn more about him and his research here:


The talk include what it takes to make a life-bearing planet:

1)    Form the planet

2)    Bombard the planet with a source of water

3)    Geology releases life-giving elements

4)    Life-giving elements are redistributed

5)    Life-giving elements recombine and life arises
Each of these has a research group. Dr. Isella's group studies step #1: Where, when, and how do rocky planets form? What is their abundance of ingredients necessary for life?
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