[Cosmic-Explorations] Johnson Space Center Astronomy Society Meeting this Friday!

Shaner, Andrew Shaner at lpi.usra.edu
Mon Nov 10 16:20:51 CST 2014

Johnson Space Center Astronomy Society Meeting

This Friday, our November meeting will feature Rodney Rocha on "An Easy-Going Introduction to Orbital Mechanics--or What Goes Up Doesn't Always Come Down".  Mr. Rocha will introduce Kepler's Laws, Newton's Laws of Motion & Gravitation, how cones contain orbits, Lagrangian Points, how to de-spin a small captured asteroid by a spacecraft and then tow it to Earth-Lunar space and into a "parking space".

We'll also have several other short presentations including the November's Sky Observing Targets "What's Up This Month?", suggestions for beginner observers with "Do It Yourself Astronomy", the always-intriguing "Astro Oddities", dates for our upcoming fun and Public Star Parties (which always need your help), some informative Member's Minutes, and the novice Q & A Session.

JSCAS is open to anyone who wants to learn about astronomy and membership is FREE!  After joining, you'll have access to our Loaner Telescopes and our amazing Astronomy DVD Library with 100's of choices to learn from (from Astronomy Magazine, NASA, Discovery, etc.).  Our meetings are held on the 2nd Friday of each month at 7:30 pm in the lecture hall of the USRA Bldg. (3600 Bay Area Blvd. at Middlebrook Dr.)  Pizza and refreshments follow at Double-Daves on Bay Area Blvd.  For more info, see our website at jscas.net

Note to all those who have borrowed DVDs from the JSCAS Media Library:  PLEASE BRING THEM BACK AT THE BEGINNING & DURING THE BREAK AT THIS MEETING.  YES, you can check them out again...or acquire new ones!

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