[Cosmic-Explorations] Johnson Space Center Astronomy Society Meeting

Shaner, Andrew Shaner at lpi.usra.edu
Mon May 6 09:09:36 CDT 2013

Johnson Space Center Astronomy Society Meeting 


Our May meeting will feature Dr. Ross Potter from the Lunar Planetary
Institute, who will give us a talk entitled "A Crash Course in Impact
Cratering". His research investigates the formation and structure of
impact craters on the Moon, especially the large basins.


We'll discuss our recent trip to our dark site at Ft. McKavitt out in
west central Texas, as well as our upcoming Star Parties.  Other meeting
topics include "What's Up in the Sky this Month?" with suggestions for
beginner observing, the always intriguing "Astro Oddities", and the
novice Q & A session.  Our meetings are held on the 2nd Friday of each


Membership to the JSCAS is open to anyone who wants to learn about
astronomy.  There are no dues, no-by laws, you just show up to our
meeting. Don't forget, there are loaner telescopes and an educational
DVD Library as benefits of our membership!  http://www.jscas.net/


Note:  All those who have borrowed DVDs from the JSCAS Media Library are
reminded to bring in their educational materials to the next JSCAS
meeting.  There are now over 100 DVDs in the JSCAS Library to
borrow...and a loaner scope program!

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